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Question: Does credit counseling erase bad credit?
Answer: No, you cannot automatically erase bad credit regardless of what some other companies are advertising. Consumer credit counselors have been formally trained and can guide you on many different aspects of managing credit, including how to reach your goals by budgeting, how to work with your creditors and even how to restructure your monthly bills to prevent bankruptcy.

Question: What is the cost of consumer credit counseling services?
Answer: Your initial credit analysis is absolutely free and without obligation. By doing a credit analysis and seeing it on paper, will help you gain insight of just where you stand. Depending upon the services you choose to continue, your credit counselor will be able to answer your questions about the cost of additional services. A variety of debt management and debt relief services are available to you including, debt settlement, debt consolidation, and elimination of credit card debt.

Question: Can credit counseling help me to consolidate my debt?
Answer: Yes, if you are looking for credit consolidation, our credit counselors can help you to arrange a plan for you to pay off debt at a faster rate that what you are currenlty doing..

Question: In what state are your services provided?
Answer: Consumer credit counseling services are provided in all 50 states and Washington, D.C..

Question: My credit card debt is out of control. Can credit counseling help me deal with the credit card companies?
Answer: Certainly. It is always good to consult with a professional if things seem to be out of hand. Consumer credit counseling will be extremely helpful to someone in your situation. Counselors will give you advice on how to resolve credit card debt problems, and possibly eliminate over-limit charges and late fees.

Question: I am on the verge of becoming bankrupt. My finances are a mess and bankruptcy seems to be my last option, can consumer credit counseling help someone with such bad credit?
Answer: Although it may seem right now that bankruptcy is your last option, you will probably want to go ahead and find out if credit counseling could be another option. Regardless of your credit, either current or past, credit counselors can explain the current debt laws and how it affects you in regards to filing bankruptcy. With the recent law changes, you may find that credit counseling can lead you in the right direction.

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